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Rowing Difficult In Rio Weather

Sailing races are one category that remains dependent on the weather. Even with forecasts the weather remains the most unpredictable element for the sailing and rowing races. The rowing races that were scheduled had to be cancelled on Wednesday as the high winds proved a deterrent for the same.

The racers like Paul O’ Donovan, Claire Lambe and Sinead Lynch were supposed to be in the waters today, the fourth day of the races. For them it was the second day that the races were cancelled as the high winds proved to be a deterrent. The rowing regatta in the Olympics might be facing more delays which the authorities fear, looking at the winds and the rains that have been prevalent over the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon area.

It was the first day of the rowing finals and the men’s and women’s quadruple sculls would have been contested today. Claire Lambe and Sinead Lynch of Ireland were partners in the double sculls races and they were expected to compete in the semi finals. In the men’s equivalent races Paul and Gary O’Donovan were to compete.

The competitions have been facing bad weather till date. The second day regatta races were called off as high winds led to two boats capsizing before the races could start, with the guys at Croatia Yacht Charter working flat out to try and make the event passable. Some authorities are even concerned that it might be a similar situation as in 1896.

That had been a doomsday for the races when the rowing program had to be called off in totality. However the executive director of the world rowing organizations stated that they had plans to manage the rowing events despite weather conditions. There would be two rounds held on the same as well as on Sunday to make up for any delays that come by for weather conditions.

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