The Clipper Race Reaches its Last Lap

Unicef, visit Sanya, China, and Punta del Este have been going through excellent progress and according to the bird’s eye view from the Race Viewer, it can be seen that all the boats are steadily moving towards their destination. Seumas Kellock is the skipper for visit Sanya, China and he is currently on board. He said that they have received the forecast of the weather and they are getting a breeze of 25 knots which is quite nice for the team. It is a good change from the one that prevailed in the last few days. They have passed from 15 knots to the highest of 30 knots during their journey.

The reports that are coming from the skippers of all three boats reflect the state of mind of the sailors on board and also their thoughts as they are reaching towards the final 800 nautical miles of the sailing race. Jeronimo Santos Gonzalez is one of the sailors from Punta del Este said that he and his team have learned a lot of things from the mistakes that they have committed in the past. Currently, they are trying to focus on the important things so that they can move on to a state of mind that is both happy and positive for them.

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PDP Initiative At Antigua

The Paralympic Development Program is an initiative that the National Sailing Academy at Antigua took up this year. They include participants from six different countries. This program and clinic initiative was the first of its kind to be held in Antigua. It was organized from 19th to 25th January. The academy hosted coaches and sailors from different countries like Venezuela, Tobago, Trinidad, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, and Colombia besides having people from the same country.

This was the first PDP initiative to be held in the Caribbean region. It was taken up after sustained development was done in the region by Antigua National Sailing Academy and Antigua Sailability. The clinic featured some onshore sessions to touch on the general sailing rules. They also focused on coaching processes, disability awareness, management and classification of the regatta. The on-water sessions were held to help improve boat handling and performance of the sailors. These sessions were held before a mini regatta was organized.
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Adventure Sailing Spirit Is Part Of Life For A Kiwi Family

Mira Dodwell-Schmaus who is 10 years old seems set to live an exciting life stretching the possibility in the seas. She is not the one in her family sailing for the adventure, from the past 30 years; her family is into adventure sailing. Her mother, the grandmother and her great-grandmother have been sailing and have sailed the ships abroad, which were run by the Spirit of Adventure Trust (SAT).

This trust was established in the year 1972 and it is working with the aim of empowering young talent of New Zealanders. The trust wants the youth of New Zealand should reach to their full prowess by moving our out in the ocean for many and get involved in team-work learn how to build leadership. Mum of Mira Eva Schmaus recalls her time she spent onboard; she was willing to share her experience with her daughter in the open day recently on the Spirit of New Zealand ship belongs to the trust.
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Teresa Romairone And Dante Cittadini Rise To The Top

After registering a win in all three races with good margins from competitors, the crew of Argentina’s Nacra 15 Teresa Romairone and Dante Cittadini has again had a comfortable lead in the open Multihull class. They had beaten many teams at the 48th Youth Sailing World Championships.


On the day Cittadini and Romairone posted the low score of eight points, this is good for a 13-point lead over Silas Mühle and Romy Mackenbrock team from Germany. The duo from Germany get tied with Henri Demesmaeker and Frederique van Eupen, the Belgium’s crew, however, they hold the tiebreak advantage with two first-place finishes in the Belgians’ one.
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A Rescue By USS Ashland

USS Ashland is the name of the vessel that rescued recently a vessel that had been lost at sea for months. The sailors were brave and had to face squalls and sharks while they were at sea till they were finally rescued and brought back to land. The boat that was damaged by storms and drifted lost in the oceans for five months, was brought to shore by a US Navy ship at the White Beach Naval Facility which is in Okinawa in Japan.

The sailors put their feet on land this Monday after they have spent nearly a year lost at sea. This journey of the two amateur sailors is an amazing one and one whose details are still being unfurled; amateur sailors, two women aboard the vessel, had set sail in Hawaii on May 3rd. As per their accounts, they were caught in violent squalls soon after and that damaged their boat, impaired all their communication devices and the mast of the vessel. The boat was also damaged by sharks. The two women, out of whom one was a novice in sailing, were aboard the vessel with two pet dogs. They had dry food with them as well as the facility to create drinking water.

An emergency beacon that was registered and working was found on the boat and it is possible that it was not noticed by the women on board. Their boat was discovered by a Taiwanese fishing vessel but they claim that the boat tried to tow them which was damaging their boat further. At such a time a mayday distress signal was sent out which was caught by USS Ashland. The women stated that they had been planning the journey for months and they had taken enough of the supplies. Even if they faced distressing conditions they had enough of the supplies.

Rosinante The Sailing Yacht Of Notika Sold

The ketch-rigged sailing yacht 32.6 meter Rosinante of Notika is now listed for sale. It is listed for sale by Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage; it has been sold in an in-house deal.

The yacht was launched in the year 1998, and it was built beautifully by the Notika Teknik the Turkish yard from a GRP superstructure and Cedar hull. The yacht is styled perfectly from inside as well as outside by Olivier Flahault. The naval architecture of the yacht came by Marc Lombard. This was maintained meticulously and upgraded constantly after the regular refits; recently she was refitted at Didim Marina in 2015.

The yacht offers the accommodation for six guests in three en-suite staterooms, which includes a master suite, a twin cabin and a double cabin. The cabin has many well-placed televisions to give it a relaxed ambiance and quarters to the crew. The key features on the deck include an al fresco dining area with an array variety of water toys. The vital statistics of yacht include a beam of 8.1 meters and a draught of 4.5 meters maximum. Continue reading “Rosinante The Sailing Yacht Of Notika Sold”